Doctor, moonlighting traveller. 

I'm Maddy, the author of this site.

I love travelling and exploring new places; experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, meeting new friends and amazing people and the opportunity to push beyond my comfort zone.

Whenever I get a few days off, I'll usually be found exploring somewhere new, or at least, researching somewhere new to visit. (In recent times the latter has been more common). 

I started this site in 2016 at first as a personal record and creative outlet for myself, and as a way of sharing my experiences with my friends and family. Over time I have made the site more public, although it is mostly family and friends who read this. I follow many other travel blogs and instagram accounts and love reading about their trips, tips and experiences. I wanted to bring my own stories together too, and if you enjoy reading them or find my tips useful, that is a bonus.

I hope you enjoy reading my pages and looking at my photographs, feel free to send through some comments!


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