How to Drink, Munch and Brunch like a Hipster in Berlin

Berlin is a vast city and a culinary extraordinaire. Whether you're looking for brunch, fine dining, a quick cuppa or some post-dinner drinks, there are hundreds of places to choose from!

Whilst I was in Berlin I wanted to take advantage of the quirky bars and diverse types of restaurants.

Below is short list of my personal recommendations for brunch, dinner and drinks. Brunch Silo Coffee Silo is a minimalistic coffee spot in the heart of Friedrichshain.

It's simplicity creates a relaxed atmosphere with a small but delicious menu; choose from eggs, homemade granola, pancakes, juices and coffees. They have vegetarian and vegan options, including both Oat and Soya Milk. Service is good. Wifi is good. Cash only.

Nearest public transport stop: Warschauer Straße. Facebook: Factory Girl Brick walls, wooden tables, wooden chairs and make-shift cushions shape the room.

They serve a huge variety of coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, spirits and wine for a very reasonable price, and probably one of the cheapest in the area. Brunch-wise they offer meat or vegetarian tasting boards, eggs, sandwiches, salads, muesli and soups. Sadly the wifi didn't work when I was there and staff didn't speak much English but the food was fabulous and it was a great place to work in a quiet and cosy environment, You can use both cash and card.

Try the Egg Factory Meno Vegetarian and the freshly-squeezed orange juice!

Nearest public transport stop: Torstraße

Facebook: Cafe Dritter Raum This cafe has been heavily featured many times on blogs, instagram and websites, and it deserves another mention because it really is a gem. Serving a huge variety of sandwiches, pancakes, granola, coffee, hot chocolates - there's plenty of choice.

At first glance you may feel you have accidentally walked into someone's living room, but walk through to the back and you'll double-take as you find yourself surrounded by old cinema seats and vintage tables; it breathes a unique upcycled and cosy atmosphere. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and also have a number of gluten-free options. Nearest station: Karl-Marx-Straße

Website: Dinner Hummus and Friends Situated near the grand New Synagogue, this Israeli restaurant is a fantastic introduction into middle-eastern and vegetarian food at its finest.

This place is very popular and fills up fast - so best to book in advance, especially if you have a large group.

They have a great menu - all vegetarian. I would recommend getting one or two small dishes, and make sure you order its namesake dish, hummus!

They also have a selection of wines, including a number of Israeli wines- all delicious.

Nearest station: Oranienburger Straße


Max und Moritz For a more traditional German restaurant, try Max und Moritz.

With candlelit wooden tables, a huge beer menu and some hearty German dishes to try - you can't go wrong. Try the apple strudel for pudding too.

Nearest station: Moritzplatz



Now, the best bit! Fairytale Bar If you're looking for a unique bar with delicious drinks - look no further than this bizzare

fairytale-inspired cocktail bar.

I have to say, I thought I'd got lost on my way here as I found myself walking through a quiet residential area; keep your eyes peeled for the words 'follow the white rabbit' shining on the pavement. At this door, ring the doorbell for entry - you will be greeted by a fairytale character of some kind who will show you to your seat.

The menus themselves are a fun creation - hidden amongst pages of a german fairytale book you'll find stuck in lists of cocktails - along with some other fun surprises (you'll have to visit to find out!) The cocktails are eclectic mixtures that you are unlikely to find elsewhere and are, obviously, fairytale -themed. They are a little pricier than elsewhere (£9-10), but definitely worth the money. Venture into the bathroom and you'll find a beautiful dressing table and mirror - perfect to make sure you're still looking the fairest in all the land.

Nearest Tram Stop: Am Friedrichshain


Madame Claude A quirky bar renovated from a former brothel in Kreuzberg. Madame Claude has become

recognised for its unusual 'upside-down' decor which consists of furniture hanging from the ceiling. It's a great place for some casual drinks in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. They have a lot of themed nights - we went here on a Wednesday and they had a music quiz - all in English, which was a really nice surprise as it meant we could participate easily. The drinks are reasonably priced and they have a selection of cocktails too.

Nearest station: U Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor

Website: Gin Chilla As a gin enthusiast, I was determined to find a gin bar in Berlin. Coming from Scotland

where small batch gin distilleries thrive and cosy juniper -filled bars are opening up left, right and centre, I wasn't convinced if I would meet anywhere to match. Thankfully Gin Chilla did not disappoint. With a huge variety of gins from Europe and beyond, beers and cocktails with a cosy environment and some very friendly and knowledgable staff. If you've not tried in German gins before - try "Dreyberg' - it's fruity and smooth with red berries. I was content to find my Scottish favourites had also made it here!

Nearest station: Warschauer Straße


Weinerei Forum This wine bar serves up a fantastic new drinking style - situated close to Volpark. Here you

pay €2 for a wine glass which you self-fill from a selection of wines as many times as you like. Keep track of how many glasses you drink, and then at the end you can pay however much you feel is appropriate. It's a brilliant concept - so please don't take advantage of this! There is also great live music from time to time. Nearest station: Zionskirchplatz Website:

So there you have it - my list of tried and tested cafes, restaurants and bars. I realise that as I was only in Berlin for a few days my selections are rather limited and I have barely scratched the surface here - I guess I'll just have to go back and try out some new places... it's a tough life.

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