5 reasons to add Croatia to your bucketlist ASAP!

Croatia has had an enormous tourism boost in the past few years - and for anyone who's visited or spent any length of time on instagram, pinterest, or even Contiki's facebook page, it is very easy to see why! Need some more convinving...?

1. Crystal-clear emerald waters lapping over endless pebblestone beaches.

Croatian Beaches

I've been on many a beach but none can match these Croatian shores. Don't let the pebblestones put you off either - not only do they provide a back massage as you lie on them, they also mean no pesky sand filling your shoes, handbags - and worse, your car.

2. Ancient cities

Ancient walled cities means towering city walls to walk over, which means incredible views. The city walls in Dubrovnik cost 150 kuna to walk along and the dramatic views of blue ocean and terracotta houses make every penny worth it.

3. Thundering Waterfalls

Croatia boats an impressive number of waterfall-filled national parks. Krka is a pretty popular day trip from Split, but none can beat Plitvice National Park. With an impressive number of waterfalls hurtling down at such speed that silver froth and mist ascend from the surface. For me it was the incredible colours that are root Plitvice forever in my memory - with bright turquoise and azure waters shimmering in the sun - no photograph could do it justice.

4. Incredible sunsets

Every night we extensively googled for the best sunset spot in our new city and were rewarded with incredible palettes of red, purple, pink, and orange each evening. Truth is wherever we were we would have had beautiful sunsets along the Croatian coast.

5. The vast selection of islands to take your pick from

Croatia has so many islands to choose from - over a thousand in fact! Some are filled with lively bars and clubs, some are relaxed and calm, some have ancient and walled, some are jungle-covered, some uninhabited. But essentially it's pretty easy to find something for everyone.

To top it all of you'll find an incredible number of seafood restaurants, wine bars, cocktail bars, cheese shops to satisfy every appetite.

Tourist numbers are rocketing and so follow prices - so there's no better time to visit than the present!

What are you waiting for?

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